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Dog Anal Glands: The DIY Solution To Stinky Problems

But if a dogs anal glands arent adjacent to where the greatest amount of pressure builds in her large intestine, they wont express properly. This is a situation that may require surgery to correct.

How to Know When to Do Anal Gland Express in Dogs

Your dog is scooting on the carpet. Hes also licking his bottom more than usual. Learn about the signs that your dog may need his anal glands expressed.

How Your Pets Diet Can Contribute to Anal Gland Problems

Dogs have two small glands inside their anus that store a foulsmelling liquid. This fluid is a doggie scent identifier and is released whenever a dog goes to the bathroom. Many dogs never have problems with their anal glands, but the risk of developing an infection or impaction is always present, and when a painful buildup occurs the glands must be manually expressed by a vet, dog groomer or pet owner.

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